This site is dedicated to Watkins / Wem / Wilson Guitars and Wem amps


Many thanks to all who have sent me information about Watkins Guitars, particularly Keith Smart and Ron Colverson who used to work on the construction of the guitars in Chertsey and Geoff Gaskell who shares my enthusiasm for the Rapiers and likes to keep the old ones playing.

Particular thanks to Dennis Metherell, son of WEM director Syd Metherell, for a considerable amount of archive material.

Some pictures of equipment have come from the eBay site and it has been impossible to acknowledge all the equipment owners but if they see their gear pictured here and would like to be credited, it would be my pleasure to do so.The ultimate credit is to Charlie Watkins for his vision of the needs of guitarists from the mid 50's onwards and his brother, the late Reg Watkins for his dedication in building up the guitar side of the business, and the late Sid Watkins and his team for building the guitars.Thanks to my sons Henry and Jamie Godwin for the time spent helping me construct and maintain this site and to my dear friend Pete Haycock, ex-Climax Blues Band,ELO II and brilliant guitarist,for keeping alive my interest in guitars and music from school days in the mid 60's to the present day.



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