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Many thanks to everyone who has sent me photos. It hasn't always been possible to include them due to space limitations but I hope that this new page will make up for that.

Allen Wells - Rapier 33

Allen Wells - Rapier 44


John Clouson - Rapier 22

Paul Rumble - Rapier 33

Peter Hince - Superline 66

Richard Norris - Wilson Super 6

Mick Herbert's 1960 Rapier 33 #1731

Another photo of Mick's Rapier and Copicat

Rapier 33 Jim Lewis

Wilson Sapphire Bass Lee Dunkley

Rapier 44 Liam Dyson

SAF2 Gerald Tinson

Rapier 33 Robin Mccully 1970

Part of Allan Wells' collection

Allan Wells - Rapier 44 and WEM 100w PA

Allan Wells - Early Rapier 33 + AX100

Paul Blake plays a SAT2 with his Roy Orbison tribute act in SW England

Wayne Butler's SAT2 #14099

Bought second hand in 1970

Colin Thomas's Rapier 22 #6579

Mark Scott's WEM Rapier Bass #14673

Robert Bell with his early Rapier 33 #3872

Mark Ayres' grandad worked at the Chertsey guitar factory. Now he has his own Rapier 33 # 2088


Ron Mitchell's early Rapier 33 #2719

Peter Leach Found this wreck in Nigeria

Restored in the right hand picture



Peter's Rapier lives on in a new form after restoration


Tim Howard plays Sapphire Bass #15688


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